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Learn how to speak Kannada?

Before we learn how to learn Kannada language let us get some insights on the language. Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken in the state of Karnataka in southern India. Kannadigas, or Kannada (also called Canarese) speakers, are estimated to number around 40,000,000 worldwide.

In southern India, there are at least 20 distinct dialects of spoken Kannada. While it is a difficult language to master for English language speakers, it is possible to learn some basic phrases and words that can help you communicate your basic needs in Kannada.

Some tips to learn-

1. Start with greetings as it is the best way to learn any language.

  • Hello - namaste or namaskāra

  • Welcome - susvāgata

  • Long time no see - tumba divasagalinda kānisalilla

  • How are you? - hegiddērā?

  • All is well? – athavā kshemanā?

  • I am fine. How are you? - nīvu hyāngadīr'ri? or nān chennagiddēne, nīvu hēg'iddīra?

  • Pleased to meet you - nimmannu bheti mādiddakke santosha

StartFragment2. Try to use time specific greetings

  • Good morning - shubhodaya

  • Good afternoon- shubha madhyahna

  • Good evening- shubha sāyankāla

  • Good night – shubharātri

3. Introduce yourself

  • What is your name? (singular) - ninna hesarēnu?

  • What is your name? (plural) - nimma hesarēnu?

  • My name is … - nanna hesaru ...

  • Where are you from? (singular) - nimma ooru yāvudu?

  • Where are you from? (plural) - athavā nēvu yāva kadeyavaru?

  • I am from … - nā .... linda bandiddīni

  • We are from … - nā .... linda bandēni

  • Pleased to meet you - nimmannu bheti mādiddakke santosha

4. Use parting phrases

  • Have a nice day - shubha dinavāgali

  • Goodbye - hogi banni athavā hogi bartēra?

  • Good luck - olleyadāgali athavā shubhavāgal

  • Bon voyage - prayana sukhakaravaagirali hogi banni

  • See you again - matte sigona

5. Be polite and humble

  • Please - dayaviṭṭu

  • Thank you – dhanyavāda or dhanyavādagaḷu

  • Excuse me – kshamisi

  • Sorry - kshamisi

  • Your welcome- yāke summane ṭhanksu? or parwagilla biḍi

  • I love you - naa ninna preetisteeni

  • Get well soon - bega gunamukharaagi anta haaraisuttene

  • Cheers or good health - tumba santosha athavā khushiyāytu

  • Enjoy your meal - shubha bhojana athavaa oota enjaay maadi


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