Personalised Learning from KannadaIsEasy

The days are gone when one-size-fits-all training was suitable to meet the need of learners. Today, learners long for a personal learning experience. They want to choose their learning style and learn at their own pace. They know how they can learn best. So, to survive in the e-Learning industry, you must adapt to this change. How? Just adopt personalized learning.

In personalized learning, learners are given pre-tests early on. Based on results, they will get specific modules, questions, and materials to learn. Each learner gets only what they require and have enough time to achieve mastery. Besides, personalize learning needs technology supports but doesn’t focus on them as all you will need is a Mobile phones, tablets to learn. Personalized learning is more student-centered and lets learners have a voice in how they learn. That way, they motivate themselves to engage in the learning process. All of these things explain why personalized learning has the potential to grow. In fact, startups in the e-Learning industry are taking notice of this trend.