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Kannada -Beginner's Course

Get on Board - Read, Write & Speak Kannada

Course Description

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for this course as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly.  The Beginner's course is designed to enable the student learn the language  to read, write and speak. It is designed to have ten chapters spanning across 20 sessions. The first four chapters will include learning kannada alaphabets(Swaragalu), Consonants(Vyanjanagalu) , Gunithaksharamale, Conjugant Consonants(Othakasharagalu). The next four chapters will help the student to frame two letter, three letter words, frame sentences, Write kannada numerals. The last two chapters focusses on speaking in kannada and translating to english.

Exercises/assignment worksheets will be given to the students at the end of every session. For enrollment, please contact / or call us at 9916547159 

Course Details - 20 sessions/ 14hours / validity 1 month / Live Classroom training / Virtual classroom traning

Course Syllabus

CHAPTER1 Swaragalu – Vowels 

CHAPTER2 Vyanjanagalu–Consonants 

CHAPTER3 Gunithaksharamale 

CHAPTER4 Othaksharagalu Conjunct Consonants 

CHAPTER5 Two letter words 

CHAPTER6 Three letter words

CHAPTER7 Numerals 

CHAPTER8 Framing sentences

CHAPTER9 Speaking

CHAPTER10 Translation




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