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Kannada -Just Speaking Course

Get on Board - Speak Kannada with Confidence

Just Speaking course is one of most sought-after course as it takes 40 sessions/days to complete the course and speak in Kannada with confidence. The course is designed with 40 sessions and consists of Live conversations with native speakers to practise your conversational skills on day to day topics. For eg: if you were a student, you will be taught how to conversate in Kannada at school or if you were a professional, you will be taught on how to deal with your clients locally or if you are an individual and would like to know how to deal with vendors, public transports, government organisation etc. The course also consists of video and audio recordings that will help the student to learn quicker and better.  The course gives you the experience of real, one-on-one communication, a chance to converse and listen. 

For enrollment, please contact / or call us at 9916547159 

Course Details - 40 sessions/ 27hours / validity 2 month Validity / Live Classroom training / Virtual classroom traning

Course Syllabus

CHAPTER1 LIVE Conversation - Greetings 

CHAPTER2 LIVE Conversation - Today's Weather 

CHAPTER3 LIVE Conversation - Your Family 

CHAPTER4 LIVE Conversation- General Discussion 

CHAPTER5 LIVE Conversation- About your favourite place 


CHAPTER7 Video2 



CHAPTER10 Translation




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